UVDI Announces Clorox Partnership Update

What IS Changing?

  • The device name is changing from Optimum-UV Enlight® to UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer
  • The Mobile Device App will be rebranded as UVDI-360
  • Dedicated, device only UVDI Sales Team
  • Responsive, expert service levels
  • The optimumuvenlight.com url will change to uvdi-360.com


What is NOT Changing?

  • The efficacy, quality of our devices and their components
  • It will continue to be manufactured in the USA at our headquarters in California
  • Your GPO contracts, warranties, service plans, pricing and customer service numbers
  • Key features such as the Smart Data reporting and advanced cloud analytics
  • Proprietary accessories such as the Dose Verify Cards


UVDI and Clorox Healthcare Transition Frequently Asked Questions